HASTEC helps manufacturers frustrated with demanding production environments improve their operations with our best-in-class products and CARE4Life after sales support. We provide that “satisfaction and relief” of finally eliminating a long standing problem and the “comfort” of knowing your equipment is performing at its best and you will be looked after for Life.

Our Niche

We are HEAVY DUTY, comfortable in places and situations where our competition can’t or doesn’t want to be.

Our Advantage

  • Best-in-class technology
  • Best equipment warranty
  • Our lifetime support

Our Values

  • Relentlessness
  • Meticulousness
  • Togetherness
  • Learning

Our Commitment

To make sure you get what you need, when you need it and that it does the job we promised it would.


Bearing and Chain Lubrication Systems featuring REBS Technologies

Pump Systems

Pump Systems powered by revolutionary HYDROWATT Radial Piston Pumps


Descaling Equipment to improve product quality and system reliability


CARE4Life Support for all your after sales needs.

The REBS Lubrication

For many operations, the lubrication of bearings and chains in hot/wet/dirty environments can be challenging and costly. HASTEC lubrication systems overcomes these obstacles with industry-leading REBS lubrication technologies. Our systems will guarantee that lubricant is delivered where and when it is needed, precisely, efficiently and economically.

  • Increase lubrication effectiveness
  • Reduce failures and wear
  • Reduce lube consumption
  • Simple and reliable delivery systems


  • Primary Metals (Cast and Rolled)
  • Paper
  • Insulation MFG
  • Automotive


  • Project Management
  • Turnkey Systems



Radial Pump Technology

The cost to service and maintain traditional plunger pumping systems can be very high in terms of parts, labour and lost production, especially in aggressive fluid environments. Powered by our best-in-class HYDROWATT Radial Pumps, our systems are guaranteed to deliver reliably and cost-effectively.

  • Increase pump system availability
  • Increase system reliability
  • Simplify service
  • Reduce parts and labour


  • Primary Metals (Cast and Rolled)
  • Extrusion / Forging
  • Non-Woven Products MFG
  • Engineered Wood


  • Project Management
  • Turnkey Systems



Technology for
Improved Descaling

Demands for improved product quality are ever increasing. Whether you’re reprocessing rail or producing automotive prime, plants need effective descaling. Active for over 25 years, HASTEC understands the art of cleaning hot steel and will utilize the latest technology to provide a reliable, low maintenance descale system that will consistently provide the product quality required by your customers.

  • Improve surface quality
  • Reduce scrap/non-prime product
  • Improve system reliability
  • Reduce water consumption


  • Primary Metals (Cast and Rolled)
  • Extrusion/Forging
  • Ring Rolling


  • Project Management
  • Turnkey Systems



After Sales Program

The most common complaint we hear from our industry colleagues is they feel let down with the poor support they receive from equipment suppliers after the initial sale. HASTEC’s CARE4Life after-sales service program ensures your 100% satisfaction. Designed to provide you with long-term support, CARE4Life is a perfect complement to the long life expectancies of HASTEC products.

  • Comprehensive inventory at HASTEC for all products sold
  • Complete repair service
  • Annual system check-up including review of critical system operating parameters, review of equipment performance to date, review of on-hand spare parts, review of any special requests for additional support
  • Customized system training for new staff either via video conference or on-site in person
  • After hours/ on demand support via techsupport@hastec.com
  • New HASTEC University learning portal for service procedures and relevant technical information

CARE4Life Service & Support

Our new for 2021 CARE4Life after-sales support program covers all HASTEC supplied equipment as well as equipment supplied by our partners REBS and HYDROWATT into the Americas via equipment OEMS as well as systems supplied by legacy partner INTEK Inc.



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