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High Pressure Pump Stations

HASTEC pump stations, featuring the HYDROWATT Radial Piston Pump, are the most reliable, low maintenance pump stations on the market.

Our pumps can handle a wide range of low viscosity fluids including all forms of water, high water-based hydraulic fluids, high abrasive loaded fluids, fuels (methanol, diesel fuel) and many other unforgiving low viscosity fluids.

They are ideal for heavy/ severe duty industrial applications such as descaling hot steel, extrusion/ forging press water hydraulic systems or even applying highly abrasive calcium carbonate slurry to paper.

HYDROWATT Pump Features:

  • flows to 210 gpm
  • standard operating pressures up to 6000 psi
  • standard stainless steel construction
  • extremely dirt tolerant – only 100 micron filtration required
  • direct drive – no gearbox to service, minimal space requirements
  • simple design with few wear parts
  • very easy to service – routine pump service can be performed in-house, with standard hand tools, in approx. 1-2 hours
  • spare parts availability – all parts are stocked at HASTEC and can be delivered overnight if necessary
  • low risk – 2 year warranty
  • very low total cost of ownership – a HYDROWATT pump was recently overhauled after 10 years of 24/7 descaling service.  It required only minimal parts to return the pump to as new condition.  The total value of the repair was only 27% of the cost of a new pump.  This is unheard of with conventional piston pumps!

HASTEC pump stations are manufactured in North American using standard components.  A full complement of control valves and system accessories are available.

All HASTEC pump sales are supported with in-house system design, installation expertise and knowledgeable after sales support.